Message from Programme Director

Prof. GAO, Xuefeng 高 雪 峰 教授
Prof. GAO, Xuefeng

Management is the key issue in all business areas, and management success leads to business success.  The possible continuous management success  is built upon correct decisions made in dynamic changing business environments.  There are over hundreds or even thousands of factors that need to be taken into account for a single decision making in management, and a single decision made may have significant impacts on other decisions to be made in a positive/negative manner.  It becomes much challenging to achieve  management success and retain management success in this century, due to economic globalization and the rapid growth of information available over the Internet.

The MSc programme in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management provides well-designed courses to train leaders in business areas to meet such challenges and to be capable of handling large-scale complex management issues, using advanced mathematics, advanced engineering techniques, and new IT techniques.

The courses we offer are comprehensive.  It focuses on financial engineering, supply chain management, logistics, and information systems; and covers a wide range of topics in investment theory, models of risks, economic analysis,  inventory theory, demand forecasting,  integrated logistics management,  project screening and selection,  expert systems,  networking,  etc.

The courses we offer are flexible. There are a full-time mode of one year study and a part-time mode of two year study. Both local and non-local applications are encouraged to apply.  Non-local applicants are particularly encouraged to apply to our full-time study mode.

Details about the programme, including the programme structure, courses description, admission requirements, graduation requirements, tuitions, and application procedure, can all be found in this website.

We are looking forward to working with you together to meet the challenges in this century!

Prof. GAO, Xuefeng
Programme Director