Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for both MSc in ECLT and MSc in SEEM which are both offered by the Division of SEEM?
Yes. Applications will be considered by different panel members of MSc in ECLT and MSc in SEEM separately.
Do you accept photocopy or electronic version of the transcript?

Applicants must upload the scanned copy of transcript to the online application system for review. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to post the hardcopy of supporting documents to the Division.


I have submitted my application documents but I did not receive any email confirmation from the Division about receiving my package.

Our Division will not inform students when received their application documents. You may send an email to ‘’ to confirm.

I have submitted the visa applications to the Division but I have not yet received the visa label.

It normally takes two months to process the visa label. Since the visa label is only valid for 2 months, the Graduate School will start to send the visa labels to students by express two months before the term starts. If you have any questions about the visa applications, you may send an email to ‘’.

Is there any specific requirement on the overall GPA for the admission of this programme?

Our Curriculum Management Panel review applications case by case.

What shall I do if I want to change some information on my online application form which I have submitted already?

You may directly change your information through the online application on the Graduate School website.